Queenstown Hill Walk: An Ultimate Guide to your Trip

Queenstown Hill Walk: An Ultimate Guide to your Trip

Queenstown is a little city with a huge heart. It's firmly established as the 'adventure capital of the world,' and it's a terrific destination to explore all year round, nestled on the beaches of Lake Wakatipu beneath the spectacular Remarkable Mountains.

Queenstown Hill is, without a doubt, the most popular hill to roam in Queenstown. It's a short trek that most people can complete in about two hours, and the views from the summit are quite breathtaking. That's my sort of hike: a little effort for a big payoff!

Views of Queenstown town center, Lake Wakatipu, and a panoramic view of the Alps may be had from the summit of Queenstown Hill. These breathtaking vistas compelled me to hike Queenstown Hill multiple times, even early in the morning for sunrise and in the dead of winter. But one thing is certain: the Queenstown Hill trek (and its breathtaking vistas) never gets old.

If this is your first-time climbing Queenstown Hill, there are a few things you should be aware of before you begin. In this blog, I'll go over everything you need to know before you go, as well as share some of my own experiences, so you know exactly what to anticipate.

Things to Do in Queenstown That You Are Gonna Love

Level 1: Adventure Junkie

Bungy jumping

At the Canyon Swing, you can launch yourself from a precipice (in any of 100 different ways)

Jet boating in the Shotover Gorge, inches from the cliffs

Paraglide from the Coronet Peak ski field (the views are fantastic)

Level 2: Thrill Seeker

Ride up the gondola and get to the Luge track (This would include whizzing down the track in a speedy cart! It's great for the competition amongst us).

Get a ride on the Jet Boat on Lake Wakatipu (enjoy the scenery and get relief).

Go via the Zip Line through the forest above the town.

Level 3:It's for Fun

You can have a wine tasting tour here and enjoy lunch in the sunny courtyard.

Take a ride up the gondola and feel the view over Queenstown and the surrounding mountains.

Make sure you enjoy the trip across the lake on the Earnslaw steamship to a high-country sheep farm for the best ever tea.

Queenstown Activities:

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has taken off in Queenstown in recent years, with jump parks, downhill tracks, and fresh new single trails springing up all over the place. The Skyline Gondola now transports bicycles up the slope. It's becoming a popular destination for mountain bikers, with several races and events held throughout the summer.

Jardine Park, Seven Mile, Coronet Peak, the Gondola Trails, and the Gorge Road Jump Park are all great places to mountain ride. The Frankton Track, Kelvin Heights Track, and Jack's Point Track are all beautiful lakefront routes with gently undulating terrain if you're searching for a more moderate course. If you want to go a little further, the Moke Lake to Lake Dispute trail is a good option.

Jet Boating

Jet boating is a thrilling, fast-paced experience. Imagine what you might do with a ship that is very strong and nimble and only requires 4 inches of water to skim over. The most exciting ride is in Shotover Canyon, where you'll skim across the river inches from the cliff sides. There's also the Skippers Canyon Jet, which gives you a little more bang for your money and takes you into some spectacular back country, as well as the Dart River Safari in Glenorchy and the K Jet or Thunder Jet on the Lake.

  • Jet Shotover
  • Jet Kawarau
  • Safaris on the Dart
  • Canyon Jet Skippers
  • Jet Thunder

Whitewater Rafting

Raft the huge Shotover River through sheer canyon walls and through cold blue glacial waters (wetsuits provided). Queenstown Rafting will provide you with world-class raft guides and a highly skilled operator. There's also the option of rafting the Kawarau River, depending on your degree of adventure.


Is there a part of you that wants to experience the sensation of flight? If that's the case, you should try skydiving. The countdown begins as the suspense rises as you soar higher and higher, then when your tandem instructor gives the signal, you make the ultimate jump! Before your teacher pulls the shot and you glide softly and elegantly down to a gentle landing at the foot of the Alps. You may have physically landed on the earth, but you'll be euphoric for days.

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