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Experience the Biking Tour in Queenstown

Generally speaking, biking and cycling entail the same thing, i.e., a bicycle. Cyclists also ride a bicycle. Biking, too, is an activity that involves a bicycle. One can ride the cycle on a road, bike track, mountain trail, or some rough terrain. Sometimes the term biking refers to a mountain biking context associated with riding a heavy-duty bicycle on more uneven terrains, dirt roads, or parks. Therefore, it seems as though biking and cycling almost have the same meaning; sports activities, including racing events and competitions in velodromes or banked tracks, can typically characterize cycling. Some enthusiasts associate biking activity with motorbike riding involving racing, rallying, and adventure trekking. It's time to pack your bags for Queenstown after booking your Queenstown apartments.

Best Place for Biking

Sitting on the shores of eighty-four kilometres long "s' shaped Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, a tourist destination in Otago in the southwest of New Zealand's South Island, is surrounded by mountains and famous for adventure sports and memorable biking experiences. Wakatipu is a magical lake with its own 'heartbeat' – it rises and falls by about twenty centimetres every twenty-seven minutes.     

Exploring the town and the region is not difficult, with a range of local transport options being available. The town is accessible with multiple daily direct flights from New Zealand's main cities, like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Direct services from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Gold Coast in Australia are also available. Road access on major New Zealand highways, too, makes driving into the town an alternative and memorable experience. The town is also a base for exploring the region's vineyards, wineries, and historic mining towns.

Amongst other adventures like jetboating on the Shotover, bungee jumping off Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, and skiing on Coronet Peak slopes, the biking experience makes Queenstown one of the most visited places in New Zealand. The Queenstown Trail captivates the bikers with a series of custom-built, off-road cycling routes linking it with Arrowtown and Gibbston Valley wine country.

The trail, covering a diverse network of one hundred and thirty kilometre's of the distance lengthwise, is graded from easy to intermediate. The trail span is designed to cover as much or as little as they like. The bikers find the entire network a mesmerizing and fantastic mode to explore the region and reach major sights while coming across picturesque scenery.

Things To Know Before Going for Biking 

There is a complete package as per convenience for four days for the entire ride, half a day, or a few hours. While all the trails are not flat, but they are usually easy and suitable for various ages and abilities. If the going gets tough, many riders can opt to take their bike up the steeper hills, which aren't too long. The trails are mostly 2+ meters wide and have been made for walkers and cyclists to share.

The Queenstown Trail is designed for everybody to enjoy, and it's free. Some parts of the trail have more hilly areas than others. The bikers can find trails by the level of difficulty. This town is beautiful all year round – Spring and Autumn are more picturesque and provide great biking temperatures and plenty of daylight hours. The Queenstown Trail has undoubtedly earned its status as a Great Ride.

There is no shortage of excellent accommodations and places to eat, drink and relax. This town is at the lowermost point of the Lake Wakatipu Basin, so rides starting from Queenstown will ultimately gain elevation.

A Fun-Filled Biking Day 

Bike touring is a fun activity in Queenstown that almost anyone can enjoy. Heading onto the lake gives the tourist the ideal vantage point of the impressive mountains and the town itself. It is the gateway to the many river systems that feed into Lake Wakatipu and is considered the perfect place to enjoy the sunset after a day of hectic activities. Further, the activities on the lake are some of the bests in Queenstown. Here trails are easy to access. One can get a bike trail in Queenstown. With a wide range of bike trails for every ability, Queenstown may be the best place in New Zealand for bike lovers.

Wrapping Up

It's time to book your Queenstown apartments, as Queenstown is all set for cyclists, and they can get everything they need. Foldable maps are there from all local bike shops for a reasonable donation. But it doesn't mean it should be approached with a laid-back, - anything-goes - attitude. By its nature, bike tours are much longer than one's expectation. Most bike tours are multi-day events. So, proper planning is necessary before departure.

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